Who Am I?

Sep 4, 2009

Who Am I?

I can describe myself as ACNE sufferer for more than 10 years. I had been seeing doctors for my acne problems since 13 years old.

As you know, doctors always prescribed doxy, accutane, Benzoyl Peroxide and other typical medication.

My family is middle class but my parents had to pay for me acne treatment about 2,000 Baht monthy during 1996 – 1999. Then the price was higher and higher every year. Finally, when I was in a university, I paid about 3,000 – 4,000 Baht per month for the medication.

It’s like NEVER-ENDING cycle.

When it’s getting better and seemed clear enough, I would leave the typical expensive one (at least for student like me at that time) for my own treatment but it’s not natural and holistic way.

Then, thing got worse and worse. Then, I had to go back to the doctors again.

It’s hopeless and frustrating and made me keep questioning “why me?”.

Until last year, I had a chance to work in Malaysia in an IT company and that’s the start point of not going to see a doctor as it’s hard for my mom to send the creams and pills to Malaysia, and going to see the specialist there was much more expensive than in Bangkok.

Since then, I started taking care of myself but not my health. I tried so many brand cosmetics claming that they’re perfect for acne skin. But it all failed except Neutrogena but it could just clean my dirt, not eliminate the upcoming acnes. It’s only the one I was not allergic to.

Then I googled to find some way to heal acne at home and I found http://www.acne.org/ suggesting applying plenty of BP on face followed with moiturizer.

It worked only 2 weeks then I started suffering from dryness and dullness. It looked very clear by others but for me, everytime I touched my face, I felt that this is not human proper skin!

The dryness expanded to my nect then I thought it’s the time to stop to regimen.

After that, when my natural moisture came back, it came together with plenty of small pimples, blackheads & white heads all over my face.

I felt so depressed but never stopped finding the way to overcome this situation. I believed that there would be the way, I just didn’t find it yet.

I tried some supplementary products and still paying for products for “ACNE PRONE SKIN”.

In Thailand, there’re so many homemade products and sold online right now. Some of them are claimed that they’re best for acne treatment. I kept going on this cycle again but just not seeing a doctor.

Until one day, I found that egg yolk could heal my allergic acnes. I didn’t know why but it worked. So I googled to fine natural things that could help healing acne problem.

Or I can say, I have the faith in nature already.

Then, I found Wai’s diet http://www.freeacnebook.com/ and followed it. However, I was a bit suffering as I had quite low energy and I always broke the eating rules whenever I found the meal that I really loved.

Eating only fruits could really helped me clear my forehead skin where lots of blackheads were there. I had more and more faith when I followed the diet but it’s too strong for me.

Then, I did more research so I could adjust my diet to middle road.

Finally, I found Seppo’s website http://www.natural-acne-solution.com/ and his explanation was very new to me and it’s reasonable.

Then, I decided to buy his book named “Clear For Life” where I started more fun way to cope with my acne and it really works.

Furthermore, I bought a book from a bookstore about healing body with diet but this one was written by Thai medicine specialist based on Buddhist concept.

I also chose only “Cool Food” as he suggested and the food really helps me preventing the breakouts.

But you have to understand that for a person intaking medicine for acne more than 10 years, it’s not possible to clear up 100% within 10 days or less than that.

I used to be a fan of all kind of carbs, bakery, dairy products — all bad diet I took together with the acne drugs.

My whole body is improving which I can see my complexion is so delicate without applying any lotions. The bad odor I had for more than 10 years also 100% disappear! This is the fact!

I was very impressive with the gift from nature embeded in fresh food.

In my blog, you will learn how I cope with my acne by combining Western approach of Seppo & Eastern approach of Dr.Keaw.

You can see my Before & After pictures here http://bye-bye2acne.blogspot.com/2009/08/before-after.html

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